Our platform is developed by students for students. The Akamu e.V. university group of TU Darmstadt allows students to gain practical experience while they use their abilities to collaborate on something valuable.

You can participate in the following areas:

Content Creation
Questions and Titles
Social Media, Talks, Events
UI und UX Design
App, Website, Flyers and Posters
Game Design
Game Development, Gamification, Extension
Software Development
Android and iOS development in Flutter
Software Development
Angular development
Software Development
Golang development
Server Infrastructure
Deployment using Kubernetes and Docker
  • Content Creation (Questions, Pools, Titles)
  • Game Design (Principle, Rules, Extension)
  • UX Design (App, Website, Webplattform)
  • PR (Social Media, Talks, Events)
  • Software Development (App Flutter, Web Angular, Backend Go)
  • Server Infrastructure (Kubernetes, Docker)

If you don't have much experience, that's no problem. We are happy to train you!
Interested? Feel free to contact us (team[at]