Akamu name

Never forget - always play.

Keeping meaninngful knowledge alive

Our Vision

We use innovation and technology to encourage students to engage with what they have learned in a fun and easily accessible way.

Modern education involves passing exams, whereby students' learning is focused on passing the exams. When an exam phase is over, the new semester begins and student concentration shifts to new modules. There is neither time nor motivation to deal with old material. As time goes by, more and more material from previous semesters is forgotten and replaced by new topics. Nevertheless, many of the new courses are mainly based on the basics of previous courses. However, these are usually regarded as a prerequisite for understanding the new material and are not repeated any more, so that they have to be independently reworked if necessary.

This problem is so human that it is regarded as inevitable. We take a different view and have a simple solution: keeping students in touch with the past subject matter. And we make sure that this contact is fun and easily accessible.

As a non-profit association at TU Darmstadt, we work to support students during their studies and thereby improve education as a whole.

The App

With the Akamu app we have combined the popularity of quizzes and the accessibility of mobile apps with students' academic knowledge. In the Akamu game, students challenge each other in duels and answer questions on topics from past college courses. Students who play regularly can exchange their earned points for prices.

Professors use exams to test what students have learned and kept during the course. However, what they remember after weeks, months or even years is not obvious to professors. Akamu generates useful information while students remain anonymous.

The Web Platform

This information can be evaluated by the professors on our website, which tells professors which content has been kept particularly well and which rather less.

Webplatform screenshot